Picture of Hope

Last week, I attended a health conference called Battling Breast Cancer Disparities. I learned a lot about the work that still needs to be done to raise awareness and improve survival rates among Latina and African American women. There were several awesome featured speakers, including my own oncologist, Dr. Robyn Young.

As Dr. Young discussed several dismal cases and highlighted the recurrence and survival rates of triple negative breast cancer, I found myself feeling somewhat discouraged. It made me very sad to hear about the women who were diagnosed and later died within months of diagnosis. The statistics were actually quite scary. As she read off each case, I thought to myself that could have been me.

She saved one unique case study until the very end – it was mine. She told the room of future healthcare professionals and research scientists that she wanted to end her presentation on a positive note and challenged them to find better breast cancer therapies.

And with that, she ended with a picture of hope. A photo of my baby girl (the one below).

While I don’t always understand why I got breast cancer, I know that it is my obligation and now my mission to do something about it. I am here to give others hope. My cancer will not be wasted.

Picture of Hope

A picture of hope: Serenity Milagros


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