Cancerversary Gift: Breast Prosthesis

breast prosthesis

The American Cancer Society gave me a 2-year cancerversary gift: a boob! Ladies Choice provided me with a prosthesis today through funds from ACS. It’s certainly not a perfect match to the other boob with an expander still in but at least I can wear it when I don’t want to be lopsided – and it’s waterproof!

While fitting me for the prosthesis, the bra fitter couldn’t seem to get a perfect match with my other boob. She said: “You’re a lot perkier than most of the women I see. You’re not supposed to be dealing with this at your age.”

In case you’re wondering what a breast prosthesis is, it’s a fake boob or breast form used to fill a bra. It is not an implant.

It will do for now. I don’t want to think about restarting reconstruction anytime soon.

For more information on how to get a prosthesis, visit the American Cancer Society.

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