EnlistMoms.com: Motivated Mom

EnlistMoms.com named me a winner of the Motivated Mom Award in the “Mom That Does It All” category.

motivatedmomwinnerPeople often refer to Roxanne Martinez as an extraordinary woman. These days they also refer to her as an inspirational, super mom. After battling breast cancer while pregnant last year, Roxanne became a mom to a healthy baby girl. During her battle, she volunteered with her local Susan G. Komen for the Cure and United Way organizations and continued her volunteer duties as secretary and assistant coach with her local youth association. Fresh out of treatment, Roxanne launched her own marketing consultant business so she could become a work-at-home mom. She also works part-time with the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. Roxanne isn’t only motivated to give her daughter the best life ever; she is motivated to change the world for the better.

They featured my story on their website and gave me some cool stuff, like a $50 credit to DailyDealsforMoms.com and a few other things. Enlist Moms asked for my single best management trick. Read my time management advice in the feature article.


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