Blessings in Disguise

A little more than two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I still have those moments. Those moments when I look back and reflect on – not on why me – but for what purpose. I often tell people that I had a great life plan before breast cancer, but God’s plan was even greater (and better) than my own.

While my journey with breast cancer hasn’t been easy, it has been filled with many blessings in disguise. My journey has put me in touch with my innermost thoughts and very real feelings, dreams and emotions. It has also introduced me to some amazing, inspiring people. My new outlook on life, combined with just a healthy dose of fear, help me not take any day for granted and make me extremely appreciative of little moments. Every day is a new miracle to me.

Many awesome opportunities have also come via my breast cancer journey. With a new-found sense of urgency to follow my dreams, I’ve seen my writing published in a book, launched my own business and have worked with some great organizations and people this year. I know there’s even more to come in the New Year.

Remember, health is your wealth. May you be prosperous, energized and inspired in 2013. Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year!


Your Thoughts?

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