Serenity Moment

Last Mother’s Day, Totsy held a Facebook video contest that asked mothers what they enjoyed most about motherhood.  I created a 1-minute video to enter the contest. Little did I know, my entry would win me a $200 Sparahrah credit.

Last night as my baby girl and I lay in bed restless (yes, we co-sleep, get over it!), I played this video for her. She smiled as she watched and even giggled. She often watches my Team Roxy videos, where I tell the story of our journey. It’s amazing to me how she watches in awe and with full attention, even as a rambunctious toddler. I feel, in my heart, that she knows our story well and will be able to share it someday, with or without my videos. But I’m glad that I could document some of our precious times together to last a lifetime.

Watch my winning entry.

As an added bonus, I used my spa credit to get free spa items, such as Acure Organics skincare, to donate to my breast cancer support network members. Talk about a win-win! Thanks, Totsy, for allowing me to relive this short, 1-minute Serenity moment over and over again.


Your Thoughts?

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