Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Day

TNBC-Day-badgeToday 3-3-13 is the Inaugural Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. Did you know that breast cancer is not just one disease? There are actually several different types of breast cancer.

Triple negative breast cancer is the type of breast cancer I was diagnosed with nearly two and a half years ago. Triple negative breast cancer tends to be more aggressive, more likely to recur, and more difficult to treat than other subtypes of breast cancer, depending on the stage of diagnosis. There is currently no targeted treatment for triple negative breast cancer.

I know all too well the effects of the devastating disease. It was a very scary thing to be diagnosed with at such a young age. And it still is. I follow all of the TNBC research breakthroughs and have learned all I can about the disease, thanks in part to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. The statistics tell me that I should be worried – not only for myself, but for many young women I know.

But as I’ve learned through this journey, there is hope. Organizations such as the TNBC Foundation are funding breakthrough research for this disease. While TNBC has been around for a long time, researchers are now beginning to focus on this specific subtype of breast cancer. In fact, there have been many recent research breakthroughs.

Today, as I read through posts on the TNBC Foundation Facebook page, I was sad to hear how many young women have been taken away from their families too soon due to this disease. Then, I read a Twitter post from a 14-year TNBC survivor. It gave me so much hope.

So today, I celebrate my journey and support an outstanding foundation that is funding breakthrough research for this disease. In honor of TNBC Day and to support the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, Team Roxy is hosting two events:

  • Chicken Soup for a Cause – Now through March 8th, you can purchase special edition Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope and Healing for Your Breast Cancer Journey, with proceeds benefiting the TNBC Foundation. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the TNBC Foundation. Team Roxy will distribute and ship the books for $18.
  • Real Talk About TNBC – Team Roxy will host an educational lunch and learn presentation about triple negative breast cancer. Dr. Robyn Young, medical oncologist focused solely on breast cancer, will discuss risk factors, targeted therapies and the latest research on triple negative breast cancer.


To see how others are supporting TNBC Day, search #TNBCDay on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. Join us in the fight against triple negative breast cancer!


Your Thoughts?

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