Serenity Moment


I had a breast cancer check-up last Friday. Up until the day of the check-up, I was good. I hadn’t given it much thought (as I don’t have much free time to think these days). But when the day arrived, I started to feel a bit of anxiety.

Prior to my exam, the MA asked me to do a depression screening. I asked if that was something new because I had never done one up until that point in treatment. The MA said it was now government mandated. Interesting. Something for a later discussion.

As the anxiety increased in the exam room, I utilized new guided imagery techniques I had just learned through my breast cancer support network. So, I took myself to this Serenity moment. And the image of my baby girl gave me peace, as it always does. And maybe a little chuckle too.

Results: Labs were good. Returned Monday for an X-ray to check out bone pain. Just heard back that bones looked good and there were no concerns. Still cancer-free.


Your Thoughts?

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