Pregnant…With Breast Cancer


Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is hard enough—but to find out you have breast cancer while you’re pregnant? 5 women share their stories.

In addition to my own story, this article features 3 other survivor moms that I know personally and have come to love dearly. These women (Heidi, Jamie and Sonya) gave me the inspiration that I needed to get through tough days, and helped ease some of my worries.

There’s nothing like meeting someone who has gone through your same journey. I recently met Robin, who also battled breast cancer while pregnant 8 years ago. We met while participating in the Dallas Cowboys Pink Ribbon halftime show last weekend. I overheard Robin sharing her story with someone next to me – and immediately connected with her. As we exchanged stories and photos of our miracle babies, the tears started to roll down our cheeks. It’s an amazing feeling to immediately connect with someone on that level. I don’t think I’ve ever connected with random strangers in such a way that I have as a breast cancer survivor. As another survivor told me once, this is the sisterhood that you never asked to join. But the love, support and friendships that you gain through this pink sisterhood are truly unique.

Since my own breast cancer diagnosis while pregnant, I have served as a Hope for Two support woman and have been reaching out to other women who also battled the disease while pregnant. Here are some of their stories.

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