Day 2: Strength

3-Day supporter iconI dedicate Day 2 of my 3-Day journey to Strength – my Team Roxy supporters. You have inspired me so much throughout my journey with breast cancer. You kept me going strong on the toughest of days. You uplifted me during the trying times. You cheered me on as I overcame breast cancer. And you continue to support me in this never-ending journey. I asked for your support in helping me reach my 3-Day fundraising goal and you stepped up to the plate once again.

I want to send a special thanks to my 3-Day supporters:

  • Ruben Garcia
  • Gerald Shelbon
  • Pedro, Norma & Blade Soto
  • Ashley Cisneros
  • Mauricio & Kimberly Narbona
  • DJ Rodriguez & Teresa Salzido
  • Monica Raya
  • Gloria Cruz & Madrid Family
  • Vanessa Trevino & Family
  • Natalie & Christina Ibarra & Gilbert
  • Lydia DiGiovanni & Family
  • Yanira Robinson
  • Patricia Martinez (Mom)
  • TJ Jones, Top of the Line Sports
  • Diamond Hill/NorthSide Youth Association (DHNS)
  • Alaide Zavala
  • Dora Trevino & Freddy Rivera
  • Verizon Foundation
  • Veronica Gonzalez
  • Elsa Gustafson
  • Zeida Galan & Team Forrest
  • Angela Henning
  • Dorothy Head
  • Adam Martinez
  • Wendy Borrego
  • Bruce Turpin
  • Lee & Hiedi Arellano
  • Debbie Schutkowski
  • Renee DeLeon
  • Susan Gonzalez & 100 Perks of Cancer Gals
  • Monica Rosas, Lilly and Lilla
  • Timesha Sanchez & Family
  • Lambda Theta Alpha ~ Beta Gamma Chapter
  • Lambda Theta Alpha ~ Notorious X Chapters
  • Lambda Theta Alpha ~ Florida Sisters
  • Gilbert DeLeon & Family
  • Lisa Lea
  • Angie Pagan
  • Bruce Russo
  • Dr. Michael Cherkassky
  • Lori Kelly
  • Laura Salazar, Carlos & Family
  • Anthony DeFelice & Morvarid “Mo” Rezaie
  • Veronica Rosas, Destiny & Ivan
  • Sheryl, Jaden & Elijah Foster
  • Erica Martinez
  • Lydia DiGiovanni
  • Alisha Hudman
  • Rosanna Flores
  • Gail Attaway

Team Roxy Supporters, I could not do the things I do without your love and support. It means the world to me! Give yourself a pat on the back, as you are such a huge part of my journey. Also, please feel free to use this 3-Day Supporter icon. You are the reason I am here today. THANK YOU!


Your Thoughts?

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