Giving Thanks

There is so much to be thankful for today and every day. But this Thanksgiving holiday, I am especially thankful for my health, for my wonderful family, friends and supporters and for the amazing journey that I have traveled the past 3 years. Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2010, I have been constantly encouraged by the random kindness that I have seen, inspired by the admirable cancer fighters and caregivers that I’ve met and energized by the dedicated, relentless advocates that I’ve worked alongside.

While this disease rudely interrupted my life at age 30, I can honestly now say – three years later – that I am thankful for the journey. You see, it was through breast cancer that I truly learned to live the life that was meant for me. I know some people will never understand what that means and, unfortunately, some people may never experience life at this level. So for that alone, I am grateful.

I am also thankful for what my breast cancer journey has given me:

  • A deeper connection to the people that matter most in my life.
  • A personal, spiritual relationship with God and an unshakable faith.
  • A greater appreciation for my body and my health.
  • Meaningful friendships that I would have otherwise never known.
  • The power to let go of past hurts and regrets, unhealthy relationships and toxic people.
  • The ability to see beauty in small, everyday things.
  • An opportunity to re-prioritize my life goals and investments.
  • An urgency to follow my dreams and pursue happiness now.
  • A voice for underserved, uninsured women facing this disease.
  • An invaluable lesson in courage.

During this season of gratitude, I also want to give thanks for the many Team Roxy supporters that continue to accompany me along this journey. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Your Thoughts?

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