Faces of Courage

Faces-of-Inspiration BookEarlier this year, I was invited to share my story as part of a collection of breast cancer survivor stories for a book. Each contributor was asked to include a quote along with their story. Here is an excerpt from my submission:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Nelson Mandela

Courage is a word that often gets thrown around when you mention breast cancer. It may seem ironic for those newly diagnosed because we often feel scared and anything but brave. However, it takes an immense amount of courage to face a fear of the unknown.

Through breast cancer, I learned that courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes, simply living, holding onto faith and doing what we may be afraid to do takes courage. Fighting breast cancer often means doing whatever it takes to overcome the disease. Although we may not always feel strong, we face the pain, grief and loss associated with breast cancer head on. That, my friend, is courage.

Faces of Inspi­ra­tion is a col­lec­tion of breast can­cer sto­ries shared from the hearts of the newly diag­nosed, sur­vivors and care­givers. This books speaks to the breast care com­mu­nity in a unique way – one that seeks to not only inspire, but to offer hope from a place of real­ness and sin­cer­ity. The sto­ries shared in this book are trans­par­ent and con­vey the impor­tance and power of inspi­ra­tional words from one heart to another. Order online.


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