Mindful Moment

Ever feel like you’re exactly at the right place at the right time? I had one of those moments today.

As I stood in that high school attendance office, growing impatient and thinking about how this errand was taking way longer than it should, in walked a bald lady with a radiant smile on her face. She didn’t know me but yet gave me a big happy hello when our eyes met. I knew immediately the battle that she was facing.

Without even introducing myself, I told her that I knew what she was going through. She asked how I could know that. I shared my story with her – right there, right then. For that brief moment, I forgot why I was at the school in the first place. I forgot that I was running late to my next destination. I forgot that I had to be anywhere else but there at that very moment.

It turned out that this teacher battling breast cancer was in her first year teaching at that school during my senior year there. I invited her to join my breast cancer support group.

This was a great reminder to be mindful and not overlook the opportunities in front of you, even when your mind is already full. Because at the end of the day, helping someone else along their journey was far more important than anything else I had going on at that moment.



Your Thoughts?

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